I would recommend SaleHoo. There are so many different suppliers.

Learn how Peter Pru scales his eCommerce stores with top supplier and product selections.
Jonathan Molendijk
It’s super cool that SaleHoo can help you transition from dropshipping to brand building.
Leo Cosineau
You will have a complete edge over all of your competitors using SaleHoo as a backend.
Nathan Nazareth
Had I known about SaleHoo back when I was first starting, it would have saved me a lot of headaches and hassle.
Ethan King
SaleHoo is a good thing. I always recommend people go through third-party suppliers.
Steve Chou
SaleHoo removes a lot of the friction with dropshipping.
Lauren Mitchell
I love what SaleHoo does, because it really helps cut out a lot of issues that those drop shippers have.
Carolyn Newsom
We took advantage of so much that SaleHoo offered and benefitted exponentially.
Jeffrey Ho
You just find all the information in one place with SaleHoo.
Santiago Rojas
Really focus and strive to build a real brand with your dropshipping stores instead of just focusing on generating money as fast as possible.
Henrik Wold
I remember competing with people offering one-day shipping times, so SaleHoo is the way to go for sure.
Ethan Dobbins
With dropshipping, I would say it's here to stay. There's always going to be new opportunities.
Chris Wane
We've built a seven figure dropshipping businesses.
Ryan Barr
I decided to give entrepreneurship a try and eCommerce seemed like the lowest risk.
Jeff Moriarty
Dropshipping makes it so much easier to multitask.
Becky Beach
I was able to pay off all my family's debt by the second year of dropshipping.
Jonathan Holmes
We took a look at our online income and realised ‘Wow, we can live off this.
Mike O'Shea
The product choice, at least in our business, is paramount.
Sean Walsh
When you form a partnership with a supplier, make sure they’re the one before you get overly invested.

SaleHoo is rated 5 stars

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Outstanding Support and User Experience!
Salehoo is incredibly user-friendly. Even though I’m not a native English speaker, their support team is always courteous and prompt in assisting me whenever I face challenges. I feel at ease using their service. Truly exceptional.
Denise Mitchell
SaleHoo is top notch!
SaleHoo has made a big difference for me in the world of ecommerce. They truly demystify the ecommerce dropshipping and wholesale platforms. Customer service/support responds when you need help. And if they don't respond right away, no worries, I know they will, as soon as someone is available. A great experience!
Noel P
Great customer service
Great customer service, quick responses to emails and great solutions offered to my queries. There was a bit of confusion with an offer and what product it applied to but their brilliant customer service persuaded me to make a purchase. The variety of vetted wholesalers on this platform seems promising.
Karan Moore
Excellent Customer Service Experience
This kind of response gives confidence to the enquirer that you are heard and recognised and not just another email to be answered at some time in the future - if at all.
My first time experience with Salehoo was great.
Their customer service is outstanding. They responded in a timely manner even on the weekend, which I'm grateful and excited for to start my dropship store.
Crystal Crosby
Fantastic customer service and response time in answering questions
I was given the exact information I needed within literally in minutes.
Tawfeeq M
The service is worth it
The team is more than willing to help with any issue you may face. Thank you.
Jotham McRae
Super Quick & Professional!
Rhea was quick and patient with me. Something came up in my personal life so I wasn't able to respond until the next day. We picked up right where we left off the next day and she accommodated me as well as gave me her best wishes! Thanks Again!
Charles Emeruwa
SaleHoo, the guide to e-commerce for beginners
As a beginner in e-commerce, I am always looking for ways to develop my skills and understanding of the business environment and improve my chances of building up my store. If you are like me, then I recommend you check out the: SaleHoo Educate for Shopify or Amazon, SaleHooo Directory, and SaleHoo Dropship. A very big shoutout to the Support Staff, responsiveness, excellent communication, and dedication 5 Stars all around!
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Peter Smaha
I am a non-us resident, and aiming to start an Amazon Business and succeed, and for sure every member of SaleHoo will take part of this success.
Nnamdi Ijioma
Embrace SaleHoo for your e-commerce success
SaleHoo has a wonderful team. Always endeavouring to provide quality information to her members questions and ensuring her members business success.
Jodi Wagner
Great customer service
I am new to SaleHoo and had a lot of questions so I emailed support. Rhea got back to me right away, answered my questions and gave me some suggestions regarding my issues. Very happy so far with my SaleHoo experience!
Great Experience!
They have excellent customer service. Always reply quickly to any inquiry and solve an issues without delay. Rhea and Simon are very helpful and supportive. I recommend it for those looking to build e-commerce business.
Recommended for both wholesaler and retailer.
I love how I was guided through my set up and all my queries were met with clear, quick responses. I got about SaleHoo platform from bloggingcage website.
Rita Freeth
Great customer support ! I recommend it to everyone.
Very responsive
Very responsive, professional, and give you tons of information. The team answered all my questions and supplied a plethora of URL's to read up on all the answers I was searching for.
DollaFin Inc
Very helpful staff
They were quick to respond to all my inquiries and took action immediately. Very satisfied.
Pankaj Gupta
This platform is highly recommended for both wholesaler and retailer.
It's been more than 5 years that I salehoo wholesale supplier. We keep getting lot of queries from buyers who are looking for genuine drop shippers. They customer support is excellent.
SaleHoo is where you to learn to be self sufficient.
They have several different ways to make money from home. They teach you step by step, and you are never alone on this journey.
Marcia Seales-Rodney
Excellent service and prompt responses!
I love how I was guided through my set up and all my queries were met with clear, concise responses, that were given promptly.
Barry Roche
As one of Salehoo's Top 20 suppliers
I can say that the support from Salehoo is excellent. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. I have also found them to be proactive in making suggestions to suppliers as to how they can improve their Supplier listing in Salehoo. Great stuff!
Michelle M.
Quality Customer Service
Their customer service is top-notch and they practice what they preach. It's refreshing to interact with a business who has the best interests on clients in mind.
Sean Dye
Dependable and well organized
They are dependable, well-organized and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.
Always responsive
Always responsive - always able to offer advice - always excellent customer service!
Great customer service
Great customer service, very knowledgeable. Certainly recommend.
I can only give words of praise
I can only give words of praise for the team behind everything. I especially want to thank Rhea for her help
This site is very helpful
This site is very helpful and it makes starting an online business fun! The customer support is spot on with getting back to you in a timely manner and they're very kind! Love it!
Riya B.
Best Customer Service!
I had lots of questions before signing up with SaleHoo and they answered me right away by chatting. They have full of information right to my answers. And after joining them, they are still on your side. When I was stuck and something and wrote to them, they just replied to me pretty much right away. They went above and beyond to make sure that I've got what I'm looking for.
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Nimsi Soto
A real person answered my doubts.
Very fast response , very kind and helpful costumer service. He really read my message I felt empathize. I hope we can keep working together
Ameen R
Really responsive support
Drawing out exactly what you need does take a bit engagement and patience when they're answering certain queries. Looking forward to working with the team in the future.
Santiago Rojas
Great company
Great company, customer service is awesome. Unfortunately, there are very few suppliers and dropshippers in Latin America, if they can work this out, it will be extremely helpful for latin american entrepreneurs.
Fantastic Company
Fantastic Company! Excellent customer service team who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great range of suppliers and great advice is always given. Would highly recommend.
Great experience
Great experience with a massive inventory of items to choose from.
Mr Ahmedali Noorani
Top website. Excellent customer service.
This site now just needs an app. It's got so much useful information and contacts. Not only for new businesses but also businesses that are already running.
Dave Toogood
Amazing customer service
I didn’t actually end up using their service due to a little mismatch from my end on product availability. But their customer service team are absolutely fantastic! Dealt with me kindly and with respect and processed my refund promptly with no hassles whatsoever.
Roni Fuiono
Excellent support system with quick responses...
Excellent support system with quick responses to my queries, also great content with valuable information to my business via emails and the Salehoo online portal.
Sandy Roa
Very Helpful
I just wanted to know a couple of things but they guided me priceless tips and recommendations. They gave me more help than what i asked.
Bouba Fane
I’m happy I came across SaleHoo
I’m happy I came across sale hoo this is where you’ll learn to clear all your doubts and get help to truly understand how much sale hoo can offer to really change your life if you’re looking to start an e-commerce I highly recommend.
Highly Recommended
Highly, highly recommended. If you are a merchant and wanting more exposure about your products, SaleHoo will take care of you; I promise. Great company, great employees and a great service. Thank you so much!
Karen goes above & beyond
My 7 day day trial about to be up and I was going to be charged annually if I didn't opt out or upgrade. Well it it didn't give me an option to upgrade to lifetime, here's where karen came in & saved the day. She went above & beyond what a lot of other customer service reps would do for you. Most would just tell you there's nothing they can do. This experience really makes me feel comfortable that I found the right place to do business!
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Laura Sherman
SaleHoo a Needle in a haystack
Going through Google to find a good company to drop ship of give honest information about the process is a needle in a haystack. SaleHoo is loaded with how to information along with pros and cons. Seriously that is unheard-of. I had lots of questions that I was surprised were answered extremely fast and honestly.
Rebecca Boateng
Salehoo is an excellent platform for any online store
Salehoo is an excellent platform to work with. Rhea answers me in few minutes and has excellent customer service. I bombard her with questions everyday and she responds respectfully. Their platform has made it easier for me to start my online clothing store with ease.
Abdelilah Choukri
5 star customer service
Even though I did not end up using their tool because I could not find the suppliers for nice, but their customer service is a 5 start. they reply immediately to any question I have. The refund process was smooth. No hassle.
Therese Agius
Very good always there to help and give...
Very good always there to help and give advise. Thankyou
Vũ Nguyễn
I'm a beginner using SaleHoo, but i really like SaleHoo for having a enthusiastic, fun attitude.
Aida Gal Sam
The team is very friendly and always willing to assist. They respond quickly and always have good disposition. They helped me with my unique situation and it was fixed in timely manner. Keep up the good work, SaleHoo Team!
Abdullah Almashali
Great people and great service. However, I could not find the products I was looking fo, there are ton of other products. I'd recommend it
Obviou Maldonado
I had a question about billing and emailed support. They responded in a matter of hours (not days like some other companies) and their response was very helpful. Thanks for the quick response!!!
Marilyn Grayer
Honest experience with Salehoo...Very very supportive. They literally do the digging around for you. Flick em an email and see how far your money goes. You'll be surprised.
George L. Williams
Excellent service and willingness to serve people
Richard Moyer
Excellent source of suppliers and products. Easy navigation. Recommended!
Roselyn Mason
SaleHoo has a wealth of information for anyone looking to start an online business. I especially like the labs because the labs give a lot of information on what is selling and what is not. The labs have helped me narrow down the product that I want to sell and the type of online store that I want to have. I believe that I am finally going to get my online busy started because of SaleHoo.
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Theresa Dawn Formby
This site has been very helpful...
This site has been very helpful to someone like me who has no idea how to find wholesalers. Every wholesaler I've found and purchased from has been great. They provide how many years the supplier has been active as well.
Hasan Amiri
Salehoo people are very great and amazing.
They ease my day and time during this Covid tough time. Please stay safe, stay happy.
Alyssa Holst
Excellent customer service!! Over 5 star rating!
Phil was very polite and informative on how I can stay using saleloos services. He reached out to his superior and discussed what he can do to help me with my options! He gave great advice and a very generous offer! I give him way over 5 star rating!
Jessica F.
Sale Hoo has an OUTSTANDING Team!
I am absolutely thrilled to be working with them. Everyone is friendly, helpful and professional. I feel Blessed to have stumbled across SaleHoo. You have my eternal gratitude!!!!!
Istvan Howard
Fast and to the point i am extremely…
Fast and to the point i am extremely satisfied with the service i received from phil and i might even rejoin in the future as i can see salehoo puts it customers first.
Monica Avila
Super fast Live Chat!
I have just opened the site and decided to try the live chat to get a question answered regarding sole entrepeneurs being able to access suppliers! Got my answer in about 5 min, so they do live up to the great customer service they boast about ;)))
Service is Peerless
Outstanding, understanding service. The most efficient, thoughtful and polite personnel I with whom I have dealt in many years. Was stunned by the speed of the response, especially in the midst of a pandemic. The folks at SaleHoo care about their customers.
Frankie Knows
Customer support is excellent
Customer support is excellent. Responded straight away and cleared everything up. Were very accommodating, thanks Rhea!
Pete Lake
Staff is interested in helping you. They are friendly, helpful and prompt. Great company ! Highly recommend them.
Zevis Studio
The best customer support ever
The best customer support ever. They were very polite and willing to help at any time.
Randa Skaine
Great customer service! Responds quickly and very helpful.
Michele McCrea
Customer service is awesome. Very prompt and very polite.
Simone Fraser
The site is OK, not many recent posts there and majority of people looking for suppliers doesn't return to the site it would appear. It also appears that majority of the people are looking for drop shipping services.
Bobby H
awesome staff that really care
Excellent Service
Salehoo have been great. When I couldn’t find a supplier that suited my business, they tried to find some specific suppliers for me. When they were unable to do that, they refunded my subscription. While they were not right for my business, the service they provide is fantastic and could be just what you are looking for.
Gareth Street
Ok so look
Ok so look, aoke companys dont care but Im gonna change my tune here coz of one member of staff who knows who she is. I have ADHD Amand Autism and the site was too much and I lost money. But..... The customer service from Rhea was beyond incredible and I have been refunded and if I ever want to try again they will take myby the hand and help me personally. I am taken back by this and this is customer service to be used as a bench mark for others to measure up to.
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Gareth Street
Awesome customer service
If you join ask for Rhea, she is a legend
Curtis Gleaves
SaleHoo.com A good bet for online web sellers
It's been stated by many other people looking to start their own home business in online and brick and mortar sales that the best place for a beginner or an advanced seller, looking for products to sell, is SaleHoo.com And I for one agree. Their support staff is great and their listings are numerous and the real deal. They give that little extra that makes it worth while to subscribe to their service.
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Jamie Pennington
Blown away by their customer service.
Okay first off I have to say they have some of the best customer support I have ever seen. I was initially confused on how to get started and asked for a refund. Not only did they fight for my business but they helped me understand what I was doing wrong and helped me understand how to fix it. They really care about their customers and making their customers as succesful as possible. This is different from aliexpress dropshipping or any platforms like that but its better. Just has a small learning curve early on. If you are planning on getting an amazing company behind you and your business then go with Salehoo. One of the best investments I have made.
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Gary Ecoff
I have to Agree with Everybody
I have to be a copycat of everybody else, because, they all said what I was thinking myself. SaleHoo has outstanding service! They really care about their customers, the content is useful, user-friendly platform. Fast response service and I have no complaints.
Excellent service fast response service…
Excellent service fast response service I have no complaints, just thank you for your excellent service.
A Buyer of Internet
The support is great
The support is great. the content is useful. You just need to spend some time finding the right suppliers.
Damian Duma
Definitely best in class
If you are looking to create a successful business online SaleHoo should be your #1 spot! They have the best selection of traditional and dropshipping wholesalers you can find. But they are way more than just a wholesalers directory. On top of that they have a huge amount of trainings and materials that will help you on almost every stage of building online business. It's also worth to mention they have amazing support and products recommendation feature (lab) that is a real game changer. SaleHoo is a full package, everything you need in one place. I highly recommend!
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Tanner Dozier
Really great but they offer more than they deliver
Really great but they offer more than they deliver
Royce Faggotter
Very Helpful
Very helpful, and provide what they promise. Royce From Australia.
Rekka Winters
Great customer service!
Great customer service!
Martin Doire
They all pointed at SaleHoo.com! I know why now!
I got interested with dropshipping about a month ago. Did a tone of reading and watch a tone of videos. Exchanged with successful people and others who failed. It seem's like the successful stories had one thing in common, determination and great coaching! I stumble on SaleHoo.com while digging around, their name kept coming back on many different "how to dropship" blogs. At that time I had one thing on my mind, where a my going to find wholesalers and products for my store. I was hopping for a place where I can browse products and wholesalers while drinking coffee or wine... Depending on the time of the day, of course! Created my free account and I took about two hours to read their free guides("Your complete guide to eCommerce success") and an other hours or so roaming on the forum. A great addition to what I already read and It definitively complemented my determination and motivation. Boosted my learning curve 10 fold! So I took the full membership to get access to an enormous amount of wholesalers with quality products from all over the world. They even advised on how to approach the wholesalers. It gave me all the confidence and tools to initiate first contact in a professional way. Aldo Amazon and eBay is not my forté, they have all the guides and peoples to get you started and coach you. Other successful eCommerce business model, marketing strategies, product reviews, community member already successful in dropshipping... it's all there for the taking. With all this arsenal, they can set you up with a store front. Great mentoring and great advice. Awesome community. Enormous amount of products and wholesalers. Product review and trends. Guides and tutorials. Amazing platform and store front themes. Its all in one place. Now! For the real important stuff. In my IT career I dealt with a lot online business has a developer and a customer. Customer services is what I value the most and my experience with SaleHoo.com has been exemplary. It's a tools you need if you're gonna dropship on your own or through other platforms. Cheers!
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Robert A.
Gratitude for SaleHoo's rendering of good service
Just writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for SaleHoo's rendering of good service and I also enjoyed learning techniques and methods to run an eCommerce business online.
Ray Lee Dilen
The best service.I highly recommended
The best service.I highly recommended. If you till now have a good service from another ?! You must for your company and your self to meet SALEHOO service. You will not regret it!!
Melissa Fitzpatrick
The staff here go out of their way to respond to your questions and concerns
Finding a good supplier and products to sell is not an easy task. However, the staff here go out of their way to respond to your questions and concerns and give you much needed advice and direction. They respond quickly and answer your questions always clearly so you're not going back and forth. Although I've dealt with a few of their customer service reps whom have all been wonderful, the most recent one was Rhea and she has been extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this service to others.
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Madara Uchiha
Thank you so Much!
Thank you so Much for helping me resolve the situation and quick respond to my questions
carlos santana
One of the best people I have dealt withs
poucas vezes obtive em um serviços internacionais uma qualidade e respostas tão rapidas como da salehoo, isso da confiança em uma parceria duradoura, obrigado!
Karen Gan
Very professional and helpful
Very professional and helpful and able to answer my questions. Very patient. Awesome!
Merry Conner
It is very rare to have a support
It is very rare to have a support ticket answered not just quickly but done in such a way that the SaleHoo support staff has given me the confidence to know that my decision is the right one. Using SaleHoo as your platform in dropshipping or even wholesale will be the best decision you could make. If you are searching like I was, you may have found your new home. You guys and gals ( Shane and Rhea) and the rest of the team are awesome!! Thank You for making my decision much easier.
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