Starting an Online Business

Want to start selling on eBay, Amazon, or your own store, but don't know where to start? You're in the right place! This section is all about getting you set up with your very own online business.

Learn How to Start a Business

What's a side hustle, and do I need to register my business? What do I need to consider when deciding on a business model? All these questions and more, answered by our seasoned experts ?
How to Write an eCommerce Business Plan + 3 High Profit Ideas
Creating an eCommerce business plan is an essential step that no one should ever skip. It will help you identify your goals, define your target audience, and develop a strategy to meet your objectives.
By SaleHoo Group • 17 min. read
How Much Does an eCommerce Website Actually Cost in 2023? (Full Breakdown)
The exact amount varies depending on the nature and scale of your business. At a minimum, you can start your own eCommerce website for less than $100 or hire a professional agency for around $10,000.
By SaleHoo Group • 15 min. read
How to Make the Most of Home Business Opportunities
Many people express the desire to run their own business at some point. For most, however, it often remains a pipe dream for a variety of reasons, usually financial. Of those who do make the leap, nearly 70 percent are home-based because there are so many work from home opportunities these days. Of the successful home-based businesses 3 years and older, 59 percent continue to be home-based because there are many obvious advantages to this method of operating. However, just because a business is doing well doesn't mean that it's reaching its full potential. Many entrepreneurs just go so far and then stop just short of bringing it to the next level. Sometimes it's fear of upsetting the apple cart; most times it's just laziness. Presuming that you already have an ongoing business, such as a dropshipping operation, you can probably do much better with a little more effort. Today, we'll find out how you can make the most of home business opportunities; you might be surprised at the results.
By Rhea Bontol • 6 min. read

How to Make a Website

Building your own website and store is both exciting and daunting! There are lots of things to consider and the answers aren't always obvious. Learn all the must-know nitty gritty in this section.
10 Best Shopify Alternatives (Free & Paid) to Consider in 2023
Some of the best Shopify alternatives are BigCommerce, Shift4Shop, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, Squarespace, PinnacleCart, Ecwid, Prestashop, and Sellfy.
By SaleHoo Group • 12 min. read
9 Best Free eCommerce Platforms (Reviewed & Compared)
When it comes to building an online store without breaking the bank, free eCommerce platforms are the ideal solution. The best free eCommerce platform for you depends on your specific business needs.
By SaleHoo Group • 19 min. read
How Much Does an eCommerce Website Actually Cost in 2023? (Full Breakdown)
The exact amount varies depending on the nature and scale of your business. At a minimum, you can start your own eCommerce website for less than $100 or hire a professional agency for around $10,000.
By SaleHoo Group • 15 min. read

Best Online Business Ideas

Still browsing for that winning idea for your future business? We totally get it, so we've collated all the expert resources to inform and inspire you in this section.
How to Sell Merch and Actually Be Profitable (Step-by-Step Guide)
How should I make and sell merch online? ?Quick Answer: Identify the type of merchandise you want to offer and use tools like Canva and Placeit to create your designs. Then, buy your products in bulk or use a print-on-demand platform. Set up an online store and promote your products on multiple marketing channels. Prioritize customer service and focus on continual improvement to scale your business. Post Contents: [ show hide ] Introduction Finding your niche and ideation Design and product creation Sourcing and production
By SaleHoo Group • 20 min. read
26 Places to Sell Online in 2023 + Bonus 6!
Tired of eBay fees, stiff competition and the ever-present policy changes? You're not alone. While eBay once provided a place for sellers to make some easy cash, times have changed and now it's becoming increasingly difficult to sell items on eBay. Luckily there are more options for than just eBay. Here are our top 6
By Simon Slade • 20 min. read
Quick Guide to Selling Antiques on eBay
Antiques are one of the most hot selling items on eBay. They’re loved by buyers around the world. They’re equally loved by sellers who make a good living selling them. In fact, it’s not uncommon for eBay sellers to source items for a couple of dollars and resell them for $50-$100 or more. If you want to try your hand at selling antiques on eBay (or another marketplace), check out my quick guide below. Why do collectibles sell well on eBay? Imagine what it would be like trying to buy antique items a decade ago: You’d have a few local stores nearby that you could take a look at, but if those stores didn’t have your antiques of choice, you would have to travel around in order to find what you are looking for. If you were a really keen collector, you might attend an annu
By Simon Slade • 4 min. read

Best Online Business Tools

Did you find that there are more make-or-break details to running an online business than you anticipated? Fear not, these tools and guides will support you on your path to success.
8 Crucial eCommerce Accounting Best Practices for Business Owners in 2023
Accounting for eCommerce is very different from other businesses and even physical brick-and-mortar accounting.
By SaleHoo Group • 11 min. read
7 Tips for Wholesale Selling Online: The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Wholesaling
Starting a wholesale business requires the right kind of knowledge, whether building it from scratch or incorporating it into an existing venture.
By SaleHoo Group • 14 min. read
16 Best AI Tools for eCommerce & Dropshipping (Free & Paid) You Need to Know
AI tools can help you with everything from finding what products to sell to writing product descriptions to managing inventory.
By SaleHoo Group • 15 min. read
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