Grow faster with one-click selling

Effortlessly add winning products to your store. Source vetted, high-profit products and start selling with the click of a button.
When we joined SaleHoo, we noticed that we were starting to find real dropshippers that also shipped on time! As a result, Little Green Dresses started to take off too. Our Amazon ratings also increased because of on-time shipments!
Bruce Kowkabany, USA

Add winning products to your Shopify store in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee

Your research has been done for you. By seasoned dropshippers who’ve been in the game since 2005 (👋). And it’s all waiting for you on one easy-access dashboard.

Which means you can start selling on Shopify in minutes. Here’s how:

Connect your Shopify store
You’ll find a ‘Connect Store’ button on your SaleHoo dashboard. That’s all it takes.
Choose a trending product
Easily choose from thousands of trending products, hand-picked from AliExpress by dropshipping experts.
Instantly add it to your Shopify store
Import chosen products to your Shopify store with one click and start selling.
SaleHoo Dropshipping

The smart choice for hungry entrepreneurs

Dropship Catalogue

The only catalogue where every product has a high profit margin

Save hours of time trawling through less-than-ideal product listings. Our dropship experts have eyeballed and okayed trending products from AliExpress. And each of these winning products has a profit margin at least 3x higher than cost.

You can use the price range slider to quickly find lowest-cost products. And improve your margins even further.

Simply click on a niche. Filter your search criteria. And start searching through proven products, hand-picked for profit.

Get products with the best profit margin Get products with the best profit margin
Dropship Suppliers

Trustworthy suppliers make business effortless

Lost packages, slow shipping, incorrect stock availability...nothing can derail a dropshipping store like bad suppliers.

Secure your success. With SaleHoo Dropship you’ll get instant access to over 1,000 pre-vetted suppliers. So you know your business is always in safe hands.

Rather not talk to suppliers? No problem. You can start selling without contacting your suppliers. They’ll keep your customers happy. And you’ll have an effortless business.

Build an effortless business Build an effortless business
Pricing Control Tool

Put your profits on autopilot

Keep your profits consistent across your store with a built-in Pricing Control tool. From your dashboard, you can automatically add a set profit margin to all your product prices. So if a supplier suddenly changes their prices, you’ll still make your profit.

You’ll be able to confidently add products to your store. Knowing you’ll get the margin you want. Every time.

I want profits on autopilot I want profits on autopilot
All-in-one Dashboard

All your product and supplier details on one page

The SaleHoo Dropship dashboard is your business on a page.

View key details of each of your products at a glance. Product cost, sales volume, shipping information, supplier rating and high-quality images are clearly laid out. So you can access them in seconds. Import them to your store with a click. And easily keep track of your business.

Keep track of my business in a glance Keep track of my business in a glance
After searching for hours on end I joined SaleHoo and BOOM, all the great suppliers at my fingertips. No nonsense, just great information.
Mark Burgess, USA

Get through the tricky bits with a ridiculously helpful support team

You’ve got a team that’ll help you succeed. As a SaleHoo member, you’ll have access to 24/7 support. So you can get unstuck and back to growing your business.

Move your business forward with:

  • Unlimited 1-1 support via phone, email, live chat and FaceBook
  • Access to over 50 free guides and training videos
  • A community forum full of peers and experts that understand dropshipping

And all the support you need to create a successful dropshipping store.

I’m ready to build my business I’m ready to build my business
Excellent service and prompt responses! I love how I was guided through my set up and all my queries were met with clear, concise responses, that were given promptly.
Marcia Seales-Rodney

Remember when you thought dropshipping would be easy? You were right!

SaleHoo Dropship makes running an online store so easy you could *almost* do it in your sleep. Here’s how it works:

Quickly fill your Shopify store with popular, high-profit products through SaleHoo Dropship
Drive traffic to your store and start making sales
Notify your seller when you make a sale with one click from your SaleHoo dashboard
Pay your dropship supplier
Your supplier ships the product to your customer

Better products. Better suppliers. Better profit.

Ready for an easier dropshipping business? Get access to the only catalogue with high-quality products, hand-picked for profit.

Easily integrate SaleHoo Dropship with your Shopify store and you can:

  • Choose high-profit products from a list curated by experts
  • Set specific search criteria to find exactly the right product
  • Import products from AliExpress with one click
  • Work with trusted suppliers that make business easy
  • Manage products and suppliers from your dashboard
  • Automate your profit margins, or set your own pricing
  • 24/7 support from SaleHoo experts

So you’ll spend less time researching and more time making sales.

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with them. Everyone is friendly, helpful and professional. I feel Blessed to have stumbled across SaleHoo. You have my eternal gratitude!
Jessica F.

Our Hoo-mazing promise!

If you’re not completely happy with SaleHoo Dropship within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

That makes Salehoo Dropship ZERO risk for you.

In the time it takes you to read this sentence you could have added a high-profit product to your Shopify store

Yep, it’s really that quick! Choose one of our start-up friendly plans and you can start selling instantly
Save 17%
Basic Plan
$270 /year
Save 17%
Premium Plan
$970 /year

“Sounds great. But I have a couple of questions…”

You’re a wise one. Here are a couple of answers for you.

SaleHoo Dropship integrates with Shopify to automate your dropshipping store. From SaleHoo Dropship you can easily find high-profit products on AliExpress and import them to your Shopify store with one click.

SaleHoo Directory is the ultimate ecommerce toolkit, where you can find over 8,000 trustworthy dropship and wholesale suppliers vetted by SaleHoo experts. SaleHoo Directory also has Market Research Labs; a tool to help find high-quality, trending products before the competition. Contact your perfect supplier directly through your SaleHoo Directory dashboard and start building profitable relationships for your business. Check out SaleHoo Directory here.

Your suppliers handle shipping. So you can ship to anywhere in the world as long as your suppliers ship to countries you want to sell to. While most ship globally, you will want to check this on your dashboard before you start selling.

At this stage, SaleHoo Dropship only integrates with Shopify. If you’re using a different ecommerce platform, SaleHoo Directory is for you! Check it out here.

For now, SaleHoo Dropship only offers profitable, hand-selected products from AliExpress.

How Shopify Dropshipping works

Step 1

Create store and list your products with SaleHoo Dropship

Step 2

Drive traffic to your website and make sales

Step 3

Notify your dropshipper with SaleHoo Dropship once you make a sale

Step 4

Pay the dropshipper

Step 5

Your dropship supplier ships the item to your customer

Your Complete Guide to Dropshipping

Want to start a dropshipping business? Learn everything you need to know to go from beginner to pro in our step-by-step guide.

  1. What is dropshipping and how to start?
  2. Finding great dropship products to sell.
  3. Finding the best dropship suppliers.
  4. How to run your day-to-day operations?
  5. How to scale your store quickly?