Contribute your time

Volunteers of the organization donate their time to the organization with a view to be responsible members of the community and to give back to the community by way of gratitude for the quality of life they enjoy. What better way than by paying it forward!
Karunaseva offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities including administrative support, helping organize service activities, collecting donations, public relations activities and logistical support. We also take pride in the number of professionally-qualified members of our volunteer team, who offer their time to our outreach efforts. We have medical professionals, software programmers, accountants, administrative and legal professionals besides specialists in other trades, who donate their time to be of service to society. Call us to ask how you can be a member of our volunteer team!.

Contribute in kind

Karunaseva welcomes donations in kind. Our organization gratefully accepts donations of canned and packaged foods (within expiration date) for our outreach efforts with shelters and soup kitchens; we are also happy to receive prepared foods as donations from restaurants and caterers at community events arranged by us. We collect gently used coats, outer clothing and shoes for our service activities directed to those in need.

Contributions in cash / Credit card

Karunaseva welcomes the participation of corporate / individuals in the form of contributions in cash and corporate grants. We work within the umbrella of smva trust, a 501(c)(3) organization where all donations are tax-deductible.